Apple at Work — The Underdogs

[ELEVATOR DINGS] Guys, guys! I just got us
a meeting with Vivienne. What? How? I just bumped into her. [CRASH] [CAR DOOR SLAMS] [HEELS CLICKING] And what,
you just asked for a meeting? Yeah. Is there anything I can do? Actually… When? Just now. No, when's the meeting? Oh, uh, Thursday, 8 a.m. Next Thursday? Yes. No. This Thursday. What? That's impossible! We can do this, OK?
Round box is back. It's just a sketch,
that's all we have! Two days?
We need two weeks.

This is how
we get off this floor. Dave, can you get some
sales figures on pizza boxes? I feel sick. It's so simple.
Round pizza, round box. [CAMERA SHUTTER]
Perfect. Hey, who's hungry? We have to prove
what's wrong with pizza boxes. They're square. Wasted space! Yeah! Do I really have to go
see Mike in finance? All: Yep. Hey, Mike. I was wondering
if you could send me the — Shh. Inbox. ♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ We have this idea. We need some sort
of 3D prototype. I've got to pick up the kids.

♪ I just want to get you
all together. We need to find a name
for the box. It's Roundabout. Squircle? Circle Box? Who's that? Hey Siri,
turn on Do Not Disturb. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] [KNOCKING]
Brian! I'm awake! Hey Siri,
tell Bridget I'm running late! No, no, no. This is wrong.
This is all wrong. Dave, can you please double-check those
figures for us? Did anyone hear
from Ed in warehouse? He's putting together
the prototype now. ♪ What are you guys
working on? Nothing. "Nothing." ♪ Move that over there.
Make that title bigger. Guys! We're almost there. I mean, I don't even — What are you doing, bud?
Hey, can I have that back? No! ♪ I'll email you the video. Just AirDrop it to me. [AIRDROP PING]
Sweet! You guys,
I just got the prototype.

Woah! This is going to look
so good in the presentation. Awesome! Wow! ♪ [ALARM SOUNDS] I'm awake! [APPLE WATCH ALERT]
It's time. ♪ Did anyone press the button? [ELEVATOR DINGS] ♪.

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