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Translator: Suzan Soliman Auditor: Nada Qanbar thank you. Hello, my name is Kevin Bahler. I am the legal writer at the Performing Arts Theater in Allentown. I always found it strange to introduce myself. Not that I do not like my work, I am very proud of it, But why is it the only way to introduce ourselves? When I was five years old, I had so many ways to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, and my favorite color is green. My name is Kevin, and I have a cat named Tiger. My name is Kevin, and I love drawing with hands! To be honest, the latter was a kind of safe option. Because, let's be honest, who doesn't like drawing with hands? But I did not choose it because it is the safe option. I chose … Because I've always been honest and clear about who I am and what I like. When I was in elementary school, I changed my introductions to myself to match my new interests. "Hey! My name is Kevin, and I love the (Power Rangers) program." My name is Kevin, and I practice martial arts (Aikido).

" My name is Kevin, and my favorite food is Kish. Yes, I admit, I was a strange boy. But you reach an age When you are honest and open with yourself, Then, to society, it will be as if you smelled "kick me" on the forehead. So as I get older I choose safe options. And by the time I got into high school, I had altered my introductions to fit what was familiar. "Hey, I'm (Kevin), and I love to watch (The Simpsons)." Hi, I'm (Kevin), and I love to have popcorn.

" I didn't even tell people about martial arts. It's not like I've been lying to myself, I just tell people the things they expect to hear about me. How is that? Well, if you don't remember high school well, you have to adapt there. And whether you want to adapt to the famous boys Or you want to adapt to those from other cultures, If you want friends, You have to share something with someone.

The more secure your introduction of yourself, the greater your chance of communicating with them. So I figured out how to say the right things I was able to pass high school without being isolated As if I want to be a ninja, And that was a victory. But when graduation day came, I was really excited about college. College was where people paid money to learn. It was supposed to be filled with amazing, ambitious people, right? Well, how wrong were you? I'll give you a hint. It was a heavy burden. It turns out that the ambitious and the non-ambitious all had one introduction for themselves. Hi, this is Kevin, and my specialist is … And no one was interested in what you were majoring in. This submission was the only acceptable one. But do you know why? Because each person had one introduction for himself. Almost all that was a way to introduce yourself. But only within the safe limits of the established software. I have to admit: I never was That elegant man with a wonderful personality that you see in front of you.

In fact, I used to be the smart and geek who would do anything to get friends. So, while I was in college, I made safe introductions for myself She also strived in safe conversations and friendships. Do you know something? Safe friends are boring! We didn't do anything. We were sitting in our residence and complaining about the professors and duties, And that was "spending time together." When I was in my first year, I had more "friends" than I had time to spend with them. And I wasn't even enjoying my time. And when I realized that, my life changed, And I finally decided to stop caring about my acclimatization. And I began to take an interest in being happy.

So, instead of my concern about being safe, I'm starting to be honest. "Hey, I'm (Kevin), and I'm fond of physics and chemistry." Hey, I'm Kevin, and my favorite group is always (Muse). Hey, I'm Kevin, and I love drawing with hands. You wouldn't get old to say that. The funny thing is about letting myself be only myself, That all those boring people stopped wanting to spend time with me Because I was not safe. And those amazing stayed! These were people who did a lot of things: we swim and walk And we practiced martial arts together. We could discuss anything. From black holes to stand-up comedians, from Ludwig Wittgenstein to Winnie the Pooh And we were doing it while we were laughing. And it's so easy to get lost while having a good time, So I made sure to remind myself of one truth: I will never get my true friends If I am not ready for others to reject me. So, when I graduated from college, I was ready to enter the real world. I learned to let go of the safety inherent in grooming.

I was ready to meet other self-fulfilling people. And guess how many of them you have met. Yes, almost as many as you have met. It turned out to be the same application that was in college But now, with a uniform, Or, often, the name card. "Hello, my name has no meaning, and I am my work." Now, as I said at the beginning, I am proud of my work. I am grateful to be able to earn my living To raise money for the theater, But when I was nine, I didn't introduce myself by saying: "Hello, my name is (Kevin), and I would like to be a legal writer." I was not such a strange child. Even today, as an adult There are many things that I really want to do Most of emailing project budgets and annual reports. It's really about passion. And for many people to have a great passion that they desperately want to share with the world, This is so amazing But they don't Because they are afraid of being criticized by people they are not interested in.

I will talk about my passion with all the people: To gather for people at a party, And to the woman standing in line at the grocery store, and you guys are there in the back, And for anyone it was. Because if a stranger doesn't think that kung fu movies are so great, So what's in it? Mostly I will never meet them in my life. It wouldn't make me hate them. But if this person is completely interested in "Hall 36 of Shaolin" Then I'll just have a new friend. So despite everything, I am a winner. You can, too. The most important question here is "How will you introduce yourself?" And this is difficult. Now you know me well, But I have eight minutes to tell you who I am.

How do you summarize all of this in one sentence? This is something you should know for yourself. I dare you to do so. But I know using an example will help inspire you. So let me close with the same introduction on myself, "Hey, my name is (Kevin Bahler), and I like people to be really happy." thank you. (clap).

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