How to Write a Cold Call Script (STEP BY STEP)

a solid cold calling script is vital to
your success for trying to sell your product or service guys without me
running through how to write your own : script for your business regardless of
your industry and I would go in focusing mainly on b2b so selling
business-to-business products or services to us because that's where my
experience lies at my corporate sales jobs and with my current marketing
agency but you will be able to adapt the strategies in this video to write your
own script we'd b2c company as well as a business to consumer or to a customer so
guys what we get into this make sure you are subscribed to this channel with your
notifications turned on and let's get started with this video okay so this video comes as a follow-up
to the previous video we just uploaded which was cold calling techniques that
really work you can click the link up above do it after this video though and
because you don't need to watch it before this and we essentially went
through tips and strategies to really master cold calling as a skill and
become an expert on the phone we went through the mindset went for the pre
call the whole lot so make sure you check that out if you haven't done
already so cold calling we're gonna be going through two scripts and yeah this
is the biggie getting this script right is it's the secret it's the kids that
fundamental is the call to success in coca-cola encodings been around for
years and years and years it's the og of outreach and these days it really must
be used as part of a multi-platform strategies so you want to use cold
calling as one of your outreach strategies in your bigger picture sales
process so the script the scripts 110 things that people were like do I need a
script or not neither scripts gonna make me robotic it's gonna make you sound
like a salesperson I'm gonna have to hold it in front of me together limit me
and the the misconception that you need to get out of your mind if they the
common conception and that people have about scripts as that is this a physical
piece of paper that they're going to be holding in front of them that's not what
I want you to do Axl I want you to memorize this script I don't used to be
walking about holding this piece of paper reading from it I want you to
treat it as if it was a monologue in drama in high school all done then
monologue okay and drama okay you learn that script I mean where I did it in my
first corporate sales job I used to be terrible beforehand on a shake in the
office I'm looking around with my piece of paper I took it home one night
pretending I was like learning one of my drama scripts I would like read a bit
and cover it up read a bit until you learn the entire thing once you actually
learn it and you internalize it that is when you can truly master the tonality
because that's when you understand why you're saying what you're saying and not
just what you're saying on a piece of paper okay that is when you separate
yourself from all of the other sales people that sound robotic that sound
salesy and that's struggle to close and back learning my script one of the
things that got me promoted in the first three weeks of working for my first
telesales company I just started off as a meeting setter and I wasn't allowed to
do any closing at all they'd like it's kind of hierarchy
and I just don't happened to be doing a setting a meeting outside momentum
director's office this is true story guys name is Kieran chapter you can
check it out on LinkedIn he was my mom's director at the time and I was done with
my my call outside of his office and he recognized I wasn't holding my script I
internalized it name press him so much that was the youngest person in that
company to be promoted to each sales manager and I was allowed to close on my
own deals and that caused an absolute uproar in the company but I'll use my
initiative why not okay and that is what really separates with it so people from
average sales people is that internalization of their sales script
and the ability to master their tonality and the way that they execute their
script of a novel course with its the structure okay it's the framework it's
the blueprint so what are the five things that you need to have on your
sales script now go to that saying you need to have all of the three core stuff
in place first you need to make sure you prospecting correctly you know the name
of the person you're speaking to you've got some kind of unique information
about that business that you're actually calling up so it's not really a cold
call it's a little bit warmer like we went through in our previous video again
you can watch that after this but apart things that you want to include in your
coccoon script in any column strip number one will list them here and we'll
come back to them and break them down one by one number one is having some
color diffusion we want to diffuse the business owner right away we don't want
to have an introduction so a quick introduction to ourselves we don't want
to have a voice and why we're actually calling we didn't want to qualify so we
want have some pre-qualification questions this isn't always necessary
and then finally number five we want to say what it is we actually want from
this person so those are the five things just break them down one by one now
starting off with number one which is some kind of diffusion we want to
diffuse the person we are speaking to the biggest mistake that I see in so
many sales scripts but I'll get so script sent over to meet people that can
you take this out for me the biggest mistake is when they see something like
hey John how are you doing hey how is your day going
but this fake rapport building like you don't care how their day is you don't
care like what they're up to or how they do you don't know the person you're
calling they don't care if you care about that he faked like facade of
niceness and it just doesn't work it doesn't wash because every salesperson
thinks that they should say that to build rapport although it's not building
genuine rapport tool is saying it to absolutely everybody hey how are you
doing it's just false conversation and it doesn't need to be in there fact the
best thing for you to do is to diffuse them on the thing that they're worried
about the most and that's you wasting their time they do not want their time
wasted they get pitched all the time if you business the business these people
were calling up they don't they're getting pitched day in day out you
better believe that so that's one of the things you need to recognize how can I
separate myself from everybody else which is calling that person up so
defuse them right away and defuse them on time you could say something like hey
John I know you're busy sir my so I'll be quick well hey John have I caught you
in the middle of something right you can ask that question you could almost be a
little bit of a role reversal because no normal sales a person without somebody
how I caught you in the middle of something so they can then potentially
give you an object and actually it works the other way around it improves that
you have respect for them and therefore they're gonna trust you a lot more and
be more inclined to give you their time because you should be grateful of the
time someone that you don't know so make sure you defuse them right away you
don't bother about that fake small talk number two is on introduction we want to
say who we are where we're from and what our company actually does keep it this
really short no waffle and this is their whole kind of theme of how will culling
scripts should be in this day and age gone are the days of these a4 pieces of
paper this long script where you just get away with like pitching something
over the phone like five minutes allow them say anything it doesn't work you
need to make sure you not waffling you get straight to the point and you
respect that person you're speaking to so you can say something like so the
names Jordan under mentioned director of the effluent agency I help restaurants
get more clients per month using social media when they stored my own affluence
I hope equalness companies get more cars per month using social media ads so you
can say something which is relevant to you that's for me for a marketing agency
but make sure it is relevant to you who you are where you're from and exactly
what you it's just one sentence it doesn't need
to be longer than that we're able to say why we actually cooked so what is the
reason we called and this is where we want to introduce some kind of personal
touch we want to say something which says to that person that we have only
called up then then they're not just one part of some big Excel spreadsheet okay
so what information can we dig up on them can we say something that's
relevant if we're selling like some sales CRM software maybe we know how
many people they have in their sales floor
maybe we know what their sales figures are currently like we drop something in
there to let them know done our due diligence to you diligence we struggle
with that and that we're not just calling up a thousand companies even if
you are ok he is it looks personal what sounds personal to them so as a
marketing agency I could say something like I was on your facebook profile
earlier and their notice you're running ads at the moment but
come on guys for us ever made vultures I'm not gonna give you my full script
right now you can click link in description if you want it go get a copy
of the 15 minute agency but for the rest of you you want to highlight something
unique to them cael's on your facebook profile earlier and I noticed that noon
rain she walked out recently how's that going one looks is your season 2020
how's that going ok you could ask them a question about their product or their
service something unique to them well I saw the yoga picture on your profile
earlier I tried yoga this morning it didn't go too well just have build some
kind of rapport this is your chance to be able to some rapport with the
business owner but you're telling them why these you're actually called but you
could drop something in there to let them know like a little bit off tangent
conversation to let them know that you've actually done your research on
them or you could just simply say something
which is unique to them hey I saw you running some at the moment no sin that
retargeting ad that's really nice copy you've got going on there but actually
dot dot dot the rest of your script and you can tell them what it is you can do
to improve on that for them give them a compliment this is my mister my tech if
you don't bring a service based business give them a compliment on something
unique to them personal to them and then you can serve them up the fact that you
can improve it you don't want to go straight in a big mistake see people
making it go straight in all guns blazing you're doing something wrong
we're gonna put on the backfoot they're gonna feel that not I'm absolutely fine
doesn't know who you are me why you wasted my time on the
I didn't speak to you by like move on they don't care that you need to make
sure if you are going to deliver criticism to somebody you deliver it
with a compliment as well you make me feel good you said the mother shit
sandwich Isaac we makes it make me feel good you didn't give them some kind of
criticism and then again look oh you're gonna make them feel good again you can
offer them something that they really really want so that is your why okay why
is it you're actually calling and how can you make this you need to that what
can you add in there in your sales pitch something unique about them which makes
them feel personal like you personally originally so then we have number four
which is qualification now at this point we can ask them a question to qualify
whether they are suitable for our service for example if we are marketing
agents that we could ask them what is your current marketing strategy what
have you run asking for well have you used Facebook ads before and you're
asking them a question to prequalify whether they are actually a suitable
client for you you're gonna make them think about whether they want your
product oh we will serve this before you've even offered it to them now as I
said you don't always need to do this nobody instances when you already know
that this person is qualified they are already really keen you think
that the conversation is going well and you're pretty sure that you can get that
out of them what do you want to get out of them okay
majority of the times we the speeds to be it's going to be getting some kind of
a meeting with them some kind of a follow-up call so you can actually close
them I wouldn't recommend you selling like
cold calll if your b2b people will need warming up businesses you can't just
jump into bed result okay so you want to arrange some kind of meeting with them
but on the flip side that person is like their bit standoffish that don't really
sound it interested like when they onto the phone they sound like what nine you
might want to dig deeper okay you might match one get some kind of conversation
anthem build some kind of rapport with them and so hence ask them a question
about their business about whether they are doing something that you provide for
them already okay if you're doing sales CRM going back to that asking them
what's real CRM system look like in a moment I asked them a question which
makes them think about your products before you actually deliver it to them
on the actual chord so that is number four that's qualification number five is
on what what do we actually want we could transition to the wall just by
saying thing like so the reason for my call is
doll I want to see if you've got 10-15 minutes over the next couple of days or
so so I can share some ideas with you so I can do this so I can talk you through
this so I can talk about how this works so I can see whether we're a good fit
for each other that's a good one to say so I can see where we were a good fit
for each other that's a nice bit of psychology in there and the key of why
dirty works I'm use this in many sales scripts boys you will almost be
qualifying somebody you're missing well you you might what you might not be the
kind of person that we want to work with one thing that we've introduced into our
sales pitches before is I'm only looking to take on one or two new conscious map
or I only have a capacity to take on one new e-commerce client this month and so
then it's like I'm gonna be that person I don't want that and you create that
scarcity in that designer again something we covered in our previous
coding techniques video scarcity is something which makes people want to buy
from you you can introduce that into your scripts um we're both Saints then
like deep qualifying them right you got a qualification to addy qualifications
we only look for saving one or two new clients as month what I want to see over
the next couple of days if you're free 10 15 minutes so we can see whether
we're good fit for each other in which case they're gonna be like yeah
obviously I'm a good fit for this company but would you be why wouldn't I
be a good fit let's have this call an SCM I am okay it's that reverse
psychology and it works really really well but getting back to the task and
number five is to be what it is what we actually want from this call okay do we
want to sell my service do we want to have a meeting with them and then you go
in at Haven actually arrange all the technicalities now the majority of the
time these calls aren't going to go the way you want them that's just the way it
is that to sales you don't always get a plain sailing yes without any hiccups
you're gonna get some kind of objection this is a numbers game but an objection
is not a rejection it's just the request for more information remember that okay
any good salesperson will push back on the objection the majority in the
meetings we have on our marketing agency is when we push back on some kind of
request for more information okay so for example if somebody says to us well I
don't have the time this is really common one I like this one
so when are you gonna have the time to increase your sales when are you gonna
have the time to increase your client base
I thought you just told me you want to expand your business when are you gonna
have the time to do that okay so you don't
now that's fine what about tomorrow what about next week like okay even at the
time right now what about tomorrow and that's just one objection that you can
get me what about I'm not interested there's again there's like I'm not
interested okay fine well I presume you're making a lot of money from
Facebook at the moment no not well why would you not be interested in making
more money from a new source well I presume that your CRM system is on point
by now well so why would you not be interested in straight lining your CRM
system I just want to share 15 minutes with you over the next couple of days
what have you got to lose something with I've said many times what have you got
to lose I just want to share some ideas with you
Oh from 10 to 15 minutes over the next couple of days what have you got to lose
by that exactly they have got nothing to lose so become these objections the best
way to do is I can't give you every single objection for any possible
scenario right now because people watching this is going to be from all
different industries the best thing to do as I went through the techniques
video is to write down every possible objection that you could get all over
100 calls just write down every objection that you're guessing and then
write down an answer next to that know the time you're going to master
objections you need to make sure just in like with outreach through secret is in
the follow-up that the success is in the follow-up right it's not in the initial
outreach it's as that tape recording where the success is in the objection
handling you don't get it first time and if you give up on the first caller where
you don't deserve the sale of the meeting in the first place you need to
push back again and again and again and again so that person who doesn't want to
be do on the phone anymore because you don't want to just burn a lead with an
objection that's just a request for more information a really simple easy request
but more information that you could have given them so make sure you always
always always push back on objections now once you actually read out your
script and you've internalized it you've learnt it got a huge tip it's a massive
one they say hopefully improve my sales ethic worth more than anything else that
was recording my college course record your cock was over a period of like 7 to
14 days and judge them critique them even better to have other people
critique them judge the way that you are pronouncing and delivering every single
word every single sentence and play with it over time you continue recording it
over a period of a month or two months you're really good
master your own script because you're going to be able to listen to it
subjectively when you're saying things you're not actually hearing what the
other person is hearing you're only hearing what you are saying in your own
voice and you're actually thinking about what you're going to say next and so
you're not actually paying attention to what's really coming out of your mouth
so the only way to truly judge that is by recording yourself it's super
uncomfortable but it's where you're gonna see the most growth in yourselves
delivery so guys I'm gonna finish this video may gives you enough to go on to
create your cold-calling script I hope you've got a ton of bowing fulness if
you have then please drop me down the comments below and let me know and in
fact let me know your best tips on cold calling scripts and I'm gonna do a
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