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hi my name is Sabrina I'm a digital
marketing strategies and I welcome you in my series "How to tool" – are you dealing with a
need of create some wonderful copy that will attract leads and convert but you
don't really know where to start. You don't really know how to write so the
solution for you will be to hire a copywriter, right? But the problem a
copywriter can cost five to six thousand dollars per copy.
Yeah! I said per copy that means one page. How would you like to know about a
fantastic tool that will cost you a fraction of this price, where you will be
able to log on all your information and will help you to create the perfect
copy in less than 30 minutes? So bear with me and we're going through this
tool right now! So we are now inside funnel script.

The first time you will
log in, you will arrive to your dashboard. I will recommend you to watch the
first video here. Let's move it. "voice off speaking on the video" So Jim will just walk through all the different
parts of funnel script. A little bit of what I'm going to do, right now for you
but shorter. Then you can download all the funnels blueprints. I would recommend to do that because if you are building funnels like me it's very useful.
Just a little show, here. There you go. When you have this document with you, as you can see everything here is in blue and when you click on those links, that bring you to the exact part of funnel script that you need to use to do that
so I think it's amazing sorry it just there
For each funnel, you've got the funnel you need to build and all the writing you
have to do. Boum! it is final script honestly nothing can be easier than that.
I know that I really love that script you have all the little gifts that you will
be able to find.

Like here, it shows you how to do the Decision Tree Script. I'm not gonna go there but you can find yourself then I love that you. You
can have the onboarding email message for the funnel sequences. Just to show you
how that is and I will show you inside the script how funnel script write it for you. and you also have a little PDF like that
where you can check with you on paper everything you need to answer to create
your sales page. I really love that a tool So the first part is for experts
secretes script. If you haven't read the book yet, I really recommend to you to do
it right now. I can leave the link in the comments and you have all
the different part of the book here you just click on what you want to do.

each different part, at the top here, it refer you to the page inside the
expect secrets book, which part is represented. So every single part will work
in the same. When you arrive in the section. You will have question that you
need to fill. At the top you can have some example projects that are already
there. So let's say we're going to try to use the Funnel Hacker. You just click in
and as you can see all the questions have been answered then when you answer
all the question at the bottom you click "build."
And then you go, you've got all the answers. So you can use them straight away.
Imagine you are building a funnel right now. You just need to copy what you
want to use go to your funnel, paste and it's done. If you are not working in your
funnel right now but you need the results for later just click get the
results and you can choose download or email. And it's done! Ok cool!
So the different parts. After the expect secret you've got everything
you want to create sales copy and also video.

I'm sure if you are an affiliate
and you are doing e-commerce or you are an affiliate for Amazon you will love
this one. Look at this! So the example already prefilled, it's for a blackhead remover. So let try it. Bam! Get the result and the final scripts will give you
every single thing that you can use to sell your product as an affiliate and I
think it's really really really amazing That is going to boost your SEO like
crazy! So honestly Funnel Script is a tool to have, especially if you are
like me who can't write. What I wanted to show you you can write so some case
studies which are amazing to give away and create your freebies and correct
emails and and build your list you've got the famous Brunson bullets scripts.

just quickly show you just a case here and that it's everything is done for you
you got also the little image that you can use on your sales page, on your
website, on your blog post, anywhere. I really love it.
So then we go to the advertisement in this part you can create you PPC ad or
your Facebook ad copy. it's very useful then this part is little bit new and
especially the "about me" page. It's going to help you to write for your website
and for your audience. The decision tree so that's what I just showed you before
you can use the decision tree and this one is very important for if you manage
groups or if you do after yet and you want to attract people on your facebook
profile or facebook business page I will recommend you to use this one to write
everything down and you will use without the yes ladder which is extremely
important to get engagement and attraction what do we have
later then the email this is the part I love the most
like imagine you have to quickly write and all the email sequence.

I will
believe that if you do it by yourself an email sequence, its seven – ten emails will take you 5- 6- 7 hours, maybe if you hire somebody to do it for you. It
would be around minimum four or five hundred dollars with this one that will
take you, I will be very nice to say one hour but probably less than one hour and
look at that take the example already done and when
you click "build" at the bottom there you go you've got all your emails done. You
just have to copy paste directly to your email provider. This is absolutely
amazing and I can go down and down and down and down and up I really love love
love that soon and I just can't stop using it all the time every day. Also the
tool can create all your other for yourself headers and again everywhere it's
very easily you can have tons of let's go to the killer headline page we talks
you have a lot of example now so let's like the lost weight projects and build it there you go and you've got I don't know
how many but all of that headlines that you can use anywhere you want website, ads, social media platforms really really everywhere so I don't know
what I can show you more so you can create sales letter, long form and short form and I'm going to quickly show you that is also the script doesn't write the
sales letter for you only.

It also give it the form. So let's see
this example here very long because it's a long form when you build it you
really have to just copy and paste. It gives you the headline, the h1 to h2 the
H3 and four and the body you really don't have anything else to do
than copy. BOUM! and paste on your page it's all you have to do. Answer the
questions click the button "build.

Copy/paste and
you're done. And doing your sales page usually, to me because I'm not writing
very well, it will take me probably five to six days maybe more with that it took
me less than an hour. o it says this is amazing
you also can access the training which is weekly training you can access the
past training audio recording out there you can join the funnel Friday which I recommend to you if you are using click funnel as a service provider it's really
very useful so I really hope that helped you take your decision about buying or
not Funnel Script. To be honest with you my answer to you is YES! You should buy
it, right now so will talk to you soon .

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