LinkedIn Follow-Up Example With Recommended Cold Call Script

I sent you an email, and also connected on LinkedIn with you, but wanted to chat a bit about our channel partnership program, and wondering if you
have a couple of seconds to talk about it. Sure. Awesome. All right, what she does right there is she closes me for a meeting. And I think she does a
pretty good job at that. She says, this is why I'm calling, are you available, and she closes me, and she gets me to agree to move forward. I would consider this closing
for an instant meeting which is a meeting that happens at the same time as the cold call. I think that in some cases that's okay. I think it's optimum to
actually close for the meeting and have that maybe on another day, unless you think that you'll never be able to get the person back on the phone or get the person to agree to meet, then try to have an instant meeting, or if you have a very
simple product and message, then have an instant meeting.

But in most cases, you should
try to set the appointment and call and conversation for another day. So, I think she does
a good job of closing. It's what she does next
that I think is not great. And let's listen to what she does next. So, I don't know if you know too much about… but we are online proposal software. I don't know if you use anything like that in your current process? In my current sales, business?
Yeah… Exactly, we can… Most of our business is e-commerce. So, we rarely do like
any formal proposals. Gotcha, yeah, we
definitely hear that a lot. What I'm really calling to
chat about today actually is the channel partnership
program that we've created.

What we're really doing is reaching out to those within the sales space, helping companies really get set up with their sales process. And seeing if there's a
connection for a partnership there in terms of referrals. We typically work with a
lot of sales consultants..

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