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let's start on the seller's side okay so those charts and data we sought their work NAR National Association Realtors car that's the data will talk about here today this is nor information how sellers choosing a zit what's important to a seller when selecting Asian okay how many guys in here have way too many listens you cannot handle listing any more property right now all right we can all use a competitive advantage right let me ask you this question how about this how many guys are not gonna answer my questions growth of what I asked you let's get on the same page all right cool now we're we're honest all right we're unified we can go forward as a team and I can tell you the truth I can be a coach now and tell you what's going on what's real so online advertising is the number one thing that a consumer wants to hear how they're going to select an agent yes they need to know you're smart and things of that nature let's assume that that's the case all right and then best marketing proposals number two agent was knowledgeable and how they use technology that's what they've reported the four most important things so it's very very critical you can communicate that powerfully so do me just a favor for a second maybe suspend disbelief for just a moment all right put that over here take off your Realtor hat for a moment and put on your home sellers hat all right you're serious about marketing your property and you're not going to list with your cousin who just got their license you know who the top producing agents are you see signs going up maybe you're getting farming material you're interviewing agents you talked to Cole banker and you talked to remax and you talked to Willis Allen after you've talked to a handful of agents mr.

Miller does the stories start to sound pretty similar that's another rhetorical question guys you don't have to answer this one but I know what you're thinking okay so it sounds pretty similar and now Prudential comes in you hear the amazing things about Prudential one combat I'll challenge you to do in your listing presentations is have a presentation that you stick to doesn't need to be can but have one and put this information up front not in the back because this is what they want to hear first so you've shared a little bit about Prudential in addition to that mr. miss seller I'm an internet marketing expert what that means to you is the National Association Realtors tell us us that over eight and ten transactions begin on the internet with my online marketing plan and our visual marketing strategy we're going to maximize the exposure of your home we're going to minimize the inconvenience of the home selling process and one of the key ways we're going to do that is we're going to produce an online commercial of your home we've got professional photography professional video production professional script writers and voice talent standing by to produce an online commercial of your home and with my relationships with the major national real estate portals out there we're going to have your home shorted to the top on the top real estate sites in the world in addition we're going to optimize your home with the video production were to do for top performance on Google what we're going to do locally is produce a website dedicated specific to your home your address calm and we're going to power all of our local media marketing with quick response technology mobile QR codes that allow us to bridge that print to the digital world and our online marketing you'll get a weekly report of all the showings not just a hit counter but where the showings have come from on the internet which individual websites have given you the showings something like that mr and ms seller are you thinking about prudential a little bit differently at this point you guys really took that not answer my questions very very seriously right so i appreciate you sticking to your guns right that's another rhetorical question you're thinking about prudential slightly differently at that point here's the beauty of everything that i just shared with you right there with our visual marketing system we take care of all that for you we give you the story to tell using you to go out and spin tell it i'm still amazed by the fax machine guys do i know how it works i have no idea how works i just know i stick a piece of paper in it and it shows up on the other end you do not need to know how all this stuff works just need to be able to communicate it powerfully so that's an idea number one on the seller's side communicate that and you can do that in networking events you can do that in on the doorstep if you're walking neighborhoods you know those are powerful words syndication online commercial you know having script writers and staff all that stuff at your disposal that's what we do for him so here's a big opportunity gap alright this is a study that was done says the seventy-three percent of sellers would list with an agent the talks about video yet only twelve percent even have a youtube channel and most youtube channels are inactive only two percent are actually even doing this kind of stuff that is like I Gant 'ok opportunity to go into the marketplace and differentiate yourself and do it easily and do it cost effectively guys so these are some of the reasons why you need to think about a visual marketing strategy not just photos and the mls all right

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