LO Training video script 1 6 14

hello thank you for clicking on the link here is our gift to your pipeline build your personal welp easy as one two and three redirect non-qualifying loan prospects to get credit healthy choose one of the three simple ways to redirect your future clients to get credit healthy and the team at get credit healthy will begin filling your pipeline any one of these options will take you less than 90 seconds however all three will ensure clients are interested in getting credit healthy option 1 travel with your prospect to your score more landing page help them complete the page the information will automatically be directed to your account manager option to correctly status your non-qualifying prospect in your company's customer relationships manager it will automatically be redirected to get credit healthy so we could reach out to them option three hot transfer pick up the phone and call your account manager and provide the prospect information you could also email them but when you have the client on the line and they're interested call your account manager have them talk to them directly credit restoration is now an important step now it is also simple we add get credit healthy we make it easy

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