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Are you unsure how to
take phone calls? If so, what I wanna ask you to do is
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sales script process and how I structure it so I can close as
many deals as possible. Whats up guys Tanner Chidester here to teach you how
to build profitable online businesses. Now in this video, what I want to talk about is my sales
script and my process so that you can try to replicate it inside your business. Now, very simply the first tip I'm going to
give to you is make sure to preframe.

Pre-frame is just a fancy
word, a marketing word, nothing special about making sure you're
setting the standard for the call and what's going to happen. So an example
of a pre-frame would be something like, Hey John, super glad you're on the call. Biggest goal for me is to make
sure by the end of the call, we figure out what you're wanting to do, what you're struggling with and
how I can get you there. Okay. Now, at the end of the call, I just want to make sure that I put you
in a position where you can say yes or no.

I don't really care either way.
What you say my job is just to help, but I don't want to go with
the back and forth wishy washy. Have to ask me unicorn stuff like that,
simply because if you don't feel good, that's probably a no. So by the end of
the call, after we go through everything, do you feel confident? You'll
be able to give me a yes or no. Now some sales trainers will say
don't do that because if it's a more sophisticated buyer, et
cetera, which I agree with, but you have to understand
that most people who are
hopping on calls with you to get your help, if you have a beginner based offer
will respond in a positive way to that.

So that's going to be my first tip. The second tip is then make sure you
have what I call the three pillars. The three pillars is what makes you
different? What makes you unique? Why someone should buy your offer? So something people fail to realize
is just like there's Nike and Payless. Why can Nike charge a hundred
plus dollars more per shoe than Payless because of the brand?
Because they come off as different, even if they aren't different
it's perception, right? So when I'm selling my consulting, let's say I'm twice as
expensive as someone else. I better have good freaking reasons why. And so those three pillars typically
revolve around something. I do. So a specific mechanism, something that we have to really focus
on to make sure that they are successful and then something about
myself, right? So for example, let's say I do something special with ads, or I do something special with
Facebook or, um, you know, I've done $8 trillion in sales
and this other coach haven't, those are things you're going to want to
bring up to separate yourself from the pack.

Now, before I
move into the third tip, just make sure to hit that like button. It really helps push this video on the
algorithm and helps other people who simply just need more helped
with sales. Now finally, before you closed, make sure
you do expectations, right? Expectations simply means that you go
through a sales call. It sounds good. All the green lights, this
person's super excited, but you want to make sure that you bring
them back to reality a little bit and you kind of go look as good as it sounds. I still need to make sure that
you understand this will be hard, that it will take effort, stuff of
that nature. Because a lot of times, what I see in sales is people really
set this person up to feel really good.

Like it's a slam dunk and they don't set
them up with any expectations that it will still be hard. It will
take effort, stuff like that. And it leads into a disaster and
fulfillment and with the coaching staff. So I hope that makes sense, guys, just to recap the things you want to
really do here first pre-frame second, go through three pillars and
then third, and finally, before, right before the close, do
what I call expectations. Now, if you need help setting up the
structure of your sales call, you can go to where we
actually specialize in helping people make at least 10K in the first 30
days in their online business.

And we helped you structure things
like this specific to your offer, specific to your business, specific
to the people you're talking to. So I hope this video helps
guys in the comments section. I'm always down to see
positive or negative feedback, either way about what you thought
about the video and as always, I'll see you guys..

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