[REAL ESTATE AGENTS] Script for approaching FSBOs

hello this is Michael keys and said I want to talk about for sale by owners because due to the amount of information on the internet advocating the people sell their houses on their own I definitely noticed the rise in the practice of for sale by owners and this is great news for real estate agents and I'd love your thoughts so please let me know what you think below for instance I just found an article titled how to sell your own house and i'll put a link to it below but i just wanted to run through the gist of it with you hey also thanks to everybody who ended last week to win the full year's worth of training for the michael cares training membership program valued at 11 hundred dollars this competition ends on friday so just enter below it's a one-click entry process so the article that I linked to below gives us some great hints as to where for sale by owners are hanging out online and what they're doing offline and this can be a great potential source of listings for us we're more concerned about stage 2 of this article because it points us in the right direction to find the for sale by owners in our area and the fourth point of stage 2 States market your home staking a for sale by owner sign advertise online classified sites local papers your own social media put up flyers call bank managers and ask them to keep an ear out and rely on word of mouth this means that there are people listening your homes on sites like Craigslist trading post and gum tree and this can be a great source of wisdoms for you if you know how to approach these people to help them get happily moved and what you save them is this is you find them up even the ones that say no agents and you say is the reason that you're trying to sell your property privately so that you can save on agents fees and they're going to say yes and you say so if I can show you a way that we actually cost you nothing and we get the money out of the buyer you'd be happy to use me as your agent so want to come out and have a look at the property for you sometime and yes they're going to let you come out and have a look at the house and chances are they haven't had a lot of luck online because I think it's safe to say that advertising on a classified site like gum tree or craigslist and promoting your home on your personal social media is just won't cut it in today's market the vendor is really limiting their exposures to buyers as it said eighty-six percent of people use online as their main tool to search for property to buy and whether we like it or not a majority of these people visit real estate calm and domain com and they get their alerts through real estate and domain now this is great news for agents so you can come in and offer a solution to their lack of inquiry and they're buying negotiation problems and show them how they can get happily moved quickly with your help also on gumtree individual ads have information displayed like the day it was listed date edited the visitor count and these are a great indicator of how successful the owner has been if the ad has been there for quite some time it may have gone what may have been taken off the market but it may also have had very little response and the counter is a great indicator to if the ad has been online for say three weeks and you visit it every day for a week and the counter is only moving slowly chances are they're having a really small amount of inquiry making way for you to solve their problem and get the business I love these articles because it tells us what the for sale by owners in areas of thinking and helps us to overcome any objections they may have use these examples as ways to find an approach for sale by owners to see if they would like some help to sell their homes also use these examples as ways to overcome objections by for sale by owners now I want you to do something bold this week because I want you to dream I want you to believe I want you to dare and above all I want you to do and act with enthusiasm with everything that you do so until next week this is Michael keys saying goodbye

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