Review of Multi Media Email Marketing Autorespond Software Script – Part 2

hello everyone and welcome to another review here at shop for downloads dot-com and in this review we're gonna be covering some additional features of the multimedia auto responder software script again this is going to help you augment all of your email marketing communications directly through your web server and as what we covered last time is some of the main features such as how to set up an autoresponder and going through that process but I want to show you now is just some of the other features that are very important understand so you could really see the powerful power of this the first thing is is adding prospects or adding contacts directly into your to get your campaigns as you can see here we're at where for an active campaign that we have going on right now this is this is what we have here again we can always go back and change whatever our active campaign is right here but I'm going to keep it go back here's what I have and again what you can actually do is when you're going in to add to add new contacts directly into your list very simply you can either add them in manually here it's putting in their name their email and then you can add them in or you can actually upload this through a txt or CSV file so again if you have contacts maybe in your CRM system and you want to export that you can actually just upload that CSV file directly into here and will automatically add them which you'll be able to see down here into your list you'll be able to you know sort that out by page and so on so again that makes it very simple to add them in to that particular list you can also mate it's very simple to search for a prospect so you could you know search for one maybe they add it or add it to your list and or you can you can see all of the information here you know if they're active or inactive if they've unsubscribe so again it's using all the cants can't spam compliances as far as you know unsubscription or you know being giving them giving them the ability to unsubscribe so so again it shows you basically all of the information that you're gonna need to know also is tracking as well you're gonna be able to know you know exit you know again who actually you know community or who actually engaged in to your actual campaigns that went out so who clicked or who open them up you'd be able to see that information on as well you'll also be able to put contact forms onto your website so you can see here if you wanted to create a contact form you could you know add in the the very basic that you know it's automatically set up where it has name an email address but you can also add address city state zip country you can also change the redirect URL so let's they actually sign up so let's just say put the form here on your website you know once they actually sign up you know what page are you sending them to is it a page where it has download of an e-book maybe you know you want you part of your incentive to sign up for the email list just to give them something you could set them directly to that but again all of that information you can actually change directly in the actual software here itself so again that makes it very very very simple to do so let go back here just a little bit and just touch on a couple other things we cover pretty much everything in the prospects also again uploading multimedia files we'd be able to do that very simply so you can see here you have your audio files your video files your attachment files to be like maybe images or maybe you know Word document you have you could very simply go in here title that as well as you know upload that directly from your computer and again that'll automatically store that for you so again what happens there is when you go back to actually setting up your campaign whether it's an action whether it's an autoresponder and or if you're sending out a broadcast email when you go to do that you can actually you'll see your your attachment right here so again this is automates the way of actually putting that in so when they get the email they actually have the attachment and so that way you don't have to worry about linking to that or putting that file somewhere in your server and then linking to that directly from the email itself awesome makes it very very very simple to do so again that's just a little bit couple things on the additional features there's also some there's also help here as well if you're not sure how to do something there's a you know a tutorial here that are you know tutorials just about every part of this that will walk you through exactly how to set it up as well you know how to execute certain campaigns and so on so again this is this is really from you know soup-to-nuts this is really covering everything for you as far as the email marketing directly from your server particularly from your website again so again you can pick up a copy of the multimedia autoresponder camp it our auto responder software script directly at shop for the number for downloads dot-com

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