Sales & Closing: What is more important, mindset or script?

Roberto Monaco here with the phrenology recording a video from beautiful sunny area here now our doing event last weekend and someone asked Norberto I have someone in my team who doesn't have confidence hates speaking specifically hates closing from the front of the room and I need to train this person and he asked me what's the most important work on the mindset the psychology or in the scripting what to say before I give this answer I meet a quick story years ago I was in charge of the training speakers actually hire speakers and train them and transform them into closing selling machines and I remember one time hiring this person used to be a teacher amazing amazing presenter amazing speaker he was speaking for the group's forever no fear issues whatever so we trained him we gave him a closing proven script by the way we had other speakers using that script and that script generated millions and millions of dollars okay no big deal now this guy has been speaking for a while teaching a closing script no problem and then after couple months his sales numbers are like terrible so my Nana don't understand she used to be a teacher has no fears and with speaker why he's not closed the way she should be closing so actually food to one of his stalks I sit in the back and I noticed that the whole presentation was awesome but right when he started closing his energy drop see he was following the script he was saying the right things he was in the right words in the right sequence but the energy dropped like just drop so I'm like okay I got it that simple after his talk I mean drink a little coffee and sit down and I asked him what do you believe about closing from the front of the room look at me he paused and he said I feel like a used car salesman so like then I feel so uncomfortable feel like my heart closing people and it was a big issue you see that is the guy he was using the same script saying the same thing the same strategy that the other guys were using to like just crush it so now in this case specifically I helped him change his belief system and then he stopped performing super well basically he changed his perception about what closing is so once he changed his mindset his results changed immediately it was super cool now good coming back the question here I you the question was which one is more important the psychology or the scripting what to say the way we train people psychology comes first what to say how to say what order comes suck Roboto what if you give someone has the script and the script alone will give confidence to that port yes that's true but let's say the person doesn't have a lot of a confidence or purpose of certainty gradually because now the person has some confidence know what to say how to say their numbers going to get better a little bit but will never ever ever be outstanding why because to be an outstanding presenter speaker influencer to close rooms need both it is a very strong psychology and a very strong closing strategy need both so my recommendation to you is to work on both number one start a psychology first you can help someone change their belief system their identity their be clear about the purpose their values so that their they have a very strong powerful clear mindset about why you're speaking why you're closing why you're offering this product service and then once this process super align the mindset the purpose the beliefs that I didn't values then you teach the skills what to say how to say in what order then when you combine the psychology one with the closing strategies one one plus one equals a thousand not to my math here one plus one equals a thousand because we have this synergistic boom combination between the most powerful psychology with the most powerful scripting that's the idea now if not learn how to improve your psychology or improve your closing strategies come to influence ology just go to double double double you dawn in fluence alikom or dubstep double dot influencing from the phone calm this is more information how we can help you and if you're watching this video on youtube just subscribe to our channel to don't miss our next video adopt you soon bye bye

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