The Best Sales Discovery Call Script for Coaches

are you a coach that's trying to use discovery calls in order to land more clients maybe you've done a few discovery calls but you can never get your potential clients to say yes at the end of them if so it's probably because your discovery calls lack the proper structure in this video i'm going to show you the proper discovery call sales script that every coach should be using in order to land more sales this script has helped me land six figure clients and if you stay to the end of the video i'm gonna show you how it can help you land six figure clients too let's get into it hey hey welcome back to my channel my name is courtney sanders i'm a full-time online business coach as well as wife and mom i do all the things i wear all the hats and in today's video i'm going to talk to you about the proper sales discovery call script so many coaches already know what a discovery call is but if you don't basically it's just some sort of free call that you typically offer to prospective clients in order to ultimately pitch them on your products and services and a lot of coaches especially new coaches are failing miserably with their discovery calls i hate to say it but it's true and i can say it because this was me oh boy this was me y'all i used to be bad at discovery calls however learning this proper discovery call sales script is what actually allowed me to quit my job so i was doing a lot of things right in my coaching business i was making sales i was selling a lot of horses and different digital products but i just couldn't land those one-on-one clients and the crazy thing was i was getting a lot of discovery call inquiry so my calendar was pretty full so much so that i would actually schedule my calls around the time that my boss left from work because she left she would leave work earlier than i did i know that's terrible but anyway this is back in like 2015 2016 before i quit my job quit my job september 2016 but i was sketching my calls for when i knew she was wrapping up and she was going to be leaving work and literally i would take my discovery call sometimes in the bathroom um not using the bathroom obviously but i would you know kind of sneak away to an empty stall and just do the discovery call in there because it was quiet but i wouldn't be using the bathroom while i was taking these calls obviously um but also i would sneak into empty conference rooms empty offices you know the file closet like any place where i knew somebody wasn't gonna interrupt me and i could just like break away i would be doing these discovery calls like sweating bullets thinking that you know somebody was gonna walk in on me at any time and be like hey like what are you doing here at work so that was all the more reason why i needed these discovery calls to be profitable for me and they just weren't i was booking so many calls i was doing sometimes two a day i would do two in the closet at work and then some of my lunch breaks some after work and i could not get these people to say yes and i'm like my calendar is full people seem to be very interested in me i'm getting lots of likes and comments on my social media like you know i'm popular quote unquote i don't understand why this is not translating into actual clients and it wasn't until i hired a coach of my own and paid her a good chunk of money to really show me the discovery call process that i was able to really turn it around so i went from not being able to charge you know a few hundred dollars for like long-term coaching which is a whole nother thing i was completely under pricing my coaching i was like willing to do months of coaching for like 500 which is ridiculous but i i couldn't even land those deals but i was able to flip it around and i was able to just like honestly 10x my prices for less coaching time strictly by following this script so do you want to know what the script is you want to know the process that you should be following as a coach in order to successfully handle a discovery call you do okay i'm gonna get into it right now all right so the discovery call process is pretty simple when you break it down correctly and the first thing that you need to do is set the stage so a lot of coaches get this wrong because they get on the phone and honestly they let the prospect just completely run over them talk over them and just take control of the call and that's not how it's supposed to go so you may not realize this but even before somebody becomes a client of yours they are looking for leadership they are looking for you to demonstrate that you are an expert and that you have confidence and that you know what you're doing in this area and so one of the biggest mistakes that coaches make is they hop on the call and they just let the prospect just run the whole call and just talk and just you know make the call like an hour of whatever that it is that they want to talk about not realizing by not having firm boundaries in the very beginning that person is already subconsciously thinking this person can't help me with my problem because they let me just hop on the call and just run all over them so the first thing that you need to do on the call is you need to set the stage so you need to let people know what the call is going to be about you're going to you need to let them know how it's going to flow build a little rapport but you as the coach as the authority as you know the person in charge really need to set the stage for the discovery call so that's step one okay step two is you really need to assess their pain so you should be asking strategic questions about what specifically are they dealing with what pain points are they're facing that prompted them to even reach out to you in the first place and even want to get on this discovery call so that kind of goes back to the first point where i was saying you know you want to have an agenda for the call and let the prospect know ahead of time you should already have you know a set of questions outlined that's really going to diagnose and assess this person's pain so you really want to treat this call like a consultation call and see yourself almost as a doctor where just as you you know go for a first checkup with a doctor that you maybe haven't worked with before before they get to diagnosing what's going on they're gonna ask you a lot of questions about what you're dealing with and what your pain is like and so that really needs to be you know after you've set the agenda and set the stage that really needs to be the next part of your discovery call is really assessing that pain point for that prospect okay the next thing that you need to do that a lot of people fail to do and i'm like why because this is one of the best parts is you need to uncover their dream so just as you've assessed the pain you really want to uncover what it is that they ultimately want what is it that they're looking for again what made them reach out to you so you know by this point you should at least the pain point that made them reach out to you but what is the aspiration that they're ultimately reaching for what is it that they want that they hope to achieve that they hope you and your coaching program can do for them so you want to have a set of questions and you want to ask more than one and there's you know a very specific and structured way to ask these questions but you want to have a handful of questions set aside really in this phase of the discovery call in order to uncover what their dream and what their aspirations really are okay before i get into the rest of the script i want to know do you even use discovery calls in your business let me know put in the comments below if you use discovery calls in your business okay the fourth part of the discovery call script that's really important is now you need to diagnose the problem so you've gone through all the other steps now you are in a position to really tell them what their issue is and what's going on and so i really like this part of the call because even if the person ultimately decides not to work with you which if you follow the script they you have a better chance of getting them to want to say yes but even if they ultimately say no this call was still of value to them and this is really important because i find that a lot of new coaches will again let the prospect just run all over them and kind of take over the call because they feel guilty they feel like oh my goodness i'm putting this person through the sales call they feel this inherent like guilt like they shouldn't be even conducting the sales call or the discovery call and so they feel like it's not really worth it unless they let the prospect like get all their stuff out not realizing that this stage of the discovery call so this diagnosing their problem is valuable in and of itself so even if they ultimately choose not to work with you walking away with a better understanding of what their problem actually is and what they need to do to solve it so they might not know how to solve it per se but they now know what the problem actually is that in and of itself has value and you should never you know feel bad or feel shy about going to the next stage the fifth part of the discovery call script which is offering a solution and by solution typically this is going to be your product and service but i put this last because a lot of new coaches already have it in their head that every person who gets on this call i want to sell them xyz program not realizing that once you go through all these phases of the script you might realize that someone actually needs something else that you offered or you might even realize that they're not a good client or maybe you can't help them or you know maybe you want to refer them to a colleague who specializes in something else i've had that happen where you know i've had people come to me and i'm like based on what you're talking about you know perhaps life coaching services aren't a good benefit for you perhaps you should be speaking with a mental health professional legitimately because you do want to know your limits and your boundaries in terms of what you offer and you want to make sure that you're only taking clients that you can actually help because you're not helping them you're not going to get testimonials and that's going to negatively impact your business down the road which is a whole nother thing but provided that you can help them and provided that you have something a coaching program a package a course something at this point you want to offer your solution and it really should be tailor-made to them so don't get on the call just thinking like everybody who gets on this call i'm just going to offer them the same coaching program you really want to listen and you really want to go through all the other phases of the discovery's call script and then based on all of that information say okay this is your problem and this is the best solution that i have for you okay so i know this is a high level rundown of the discovery call script but it really does work if you're curious about what are some specific questions that you should be asking what are some other techniques that you can do during the discovery call how do you price your programs how do you drop the price without it being awkward actually share all of that in my discovery call script which is an amazing script and i share how you can get that script on my free consistent client masterclass so go ahead and check out my consistent client master class it actually walks you through my entire sales process that i use to this day in order to secure clients and then on that master class i share how you can get that discovery call sales script so go ahead and go to masterclass in order to sign up for that webinar and then you can learn more about the discovery call script all right i really hoped you liked this video if you want more information make sure you check out my other videos including my video on how to master high ticket sales that's a really good one and if you want more tips make sure you're following me on instagram and subscribe to my podcast yes i have a podcast so it's called the courtney sanders show it's on itunes and spotify and pretty much anywhere podcasts are played so with that thanks so much for watching this video if you're not subscribed already go ahead and subscribe hit the notification bell to be notified when my next upload goes live and i'll see you in the next video bye

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