My Sales Script - E-commerce Product Follow-up Email

My Sales Script -
E-commerce Product Follow-up Email

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E-commerce Product Follow-up Email

A follow-up email is an email or sequence of emails sent in response to the actions of subscribers. It stimulates them to choose a paid plan instead of a free trial, set up a meeting for B2B, leave feedback, buy another product on an e-commerce website, etc

If the thought of writing a follow-up email makes you feel a little uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Our instincts tell us that if someone hasn’t replied to our first email, they’re not interested, and that they’re not going to like it if we bother them again.

An important goal in marketing is turning a one-time consumer into a loyal client. Product sale follow-up emails aim to add more value to the previous purchase. After the sale happened, ask the customers about their experience using the item or service they bought from you, and suggest purchasing some additional products. In a follow-up email, you can propose discounts for products that enrich the original purchase.

The three main points that differentiate a follow-up email from any other email campaign are:

It’s a set of emails sent with a particular frequency

A follow-up email is a sequence of emails. It is crucial not to send them too often to avoid irritating a user. At the same time, don’t send them too seldom, or you may lose the users’ attention. You need to determine the frequency that allows you to put your business in front of a customer but is not too intensive.

It has the same incentive in different forms

Make the structure of every new follow-up email different from the previous one, but deliver the same idea and value. Describe the particular benefits in various forms.

It should be brief

Unlike email newsletters, which are unlimited in length, follow-up emails should be concise and straightforward. It’s necessary to be transparent and honest, especially in B2B communication, where the main idea is to contact a decision-maker.

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A study from Iko System saw an 18% response rate to the first email they sent, and 13% to the fourth. The sixth email in the sequence received a massive 27% response rate.

Why are follow-up emails important?

Increase conversion

There are many reasons for recipients not to open an email. People are busy, or your email may be lost in an inbox among hundreds of other emails. A follow-up email is a way to add value and to assist your customers in every step of the buyer’s journey.

Build trust

With follow-up emails, you don’t send just one cold email hoping that people will take action, but you work hard to put your business in front of them. Follow-up emails show that you care and that your brand stands by a customer-centered approach. It’s a primary concern to make follow-up emails work for the sake of both customers and the brands that send them.

Filter the audience

There is no way you will convert people who are indifferent from the beginning. Perhaps they’ve subscribed expecting to have something for free. Follow-up emails sift the engaged audience from the users that will never communicate with your brand.

Automate email marketing

Sending follow-up emails is an automated process with SendPulse. You can once set up a sequence of follow-up emails to cover a particular scenario. After that, follow-up emails will be sent without your participation.

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Complete E-commerce Product Follow Up Email Series!
Complete E-Commerce Product Follow Up Email Series!
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