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Full Blown Email Series

An email series is a sequence of emails automatically sent to specific segments of people on your email list. An email sequence can be trigger-based or time-based. When an email sequence is trigger-based, emails are sent based on actions such as browsing behavior, subscribing to your list, reading or downloading content and buying a product.

A time-based email series (sometimes called an email autoresponder) sends emails at predetermined time intervals, like right after opt-in, 20 days after purchase or on your anniversary offer sales.

Email sequences are one of the most under-utilized digital marketing tactics and yet one of the most powerful. In this article I’m going to share what you need to know to leverage email sequences within your digital marketing campaign.

Email series are automated. They take people from not knowing your company to becoming full-blown, enthusiastic customers (who just love to recommend your brand). And when you use both timed and trigger-based emails, messages go out when they’re most likely to have an impact. For example, say I’ve got an abandoned cart email sequence set up. If an online shopper adds a product to their cart but doesn’t purchase, a triggered email series (that I only have to set up once) can follow up with that customer to return and complete the purchase, with no extra energy on my part.

Email sequences can move people through a journey of not having ever heard of your company, to becoming a customer and (potentially) an enthusiastic brand advocate. Email sequences can deepen the relationships you have with subscribers over time, solely through the content they share.

And just about every company can benefit from email sequences. Whether you’re a software company, ecommerce store or info product marketer, and whether you’re using email to build your brand, capture leads or drive sales, there’s a sequence out there that’ll help you achieve your business goals.

Top benefits of email series:

It's automatic and doesn’t require intervention

One of the biggest benefits of an email workflow is that it works its magic all on its own. After they’re set up, you can choose a specific criteria to trigger the workflows and off they go.

Nurtures leads to make them more receptive
Some businesses get their sales team to contact new leads immediately before they go cold. However, it might be that these leads aren’t quite ready to be contacted by a salesperson yet.

Benefit your sales team

As email workflows are designed to nurture potential customers, this is a huge win for your sales team too. They can see what emails and content the lead has engaged with so there’s a higher chance they’ll be interested in what your business has to offer.

Relevant to the email recipient

When you start planning your email workflows, you can make sure they’re completely relevant to the recipient. There’s nothing more annoying than several emails from a company that aren’t tailored to you. They’re irrelevant, unhelpful and clogging up your inbox. Most people will unsubscribe or send your emails straight to their spam folder.

Increases brand awareness

When automation does the heavy-lifting the results are more consistent and professional-looking. In short, email automation makes businesses appear better organised and more responsive.

Better personalisation for prospects

When an email is automatically sent in personalised email workflows, it’ll have personalisation tokens that are filled with the contact’s information. Instead of saying, ‘Hi, there,’ the email will instead say, ‘Hi, Bill.’

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Completely Free No Strings Attached Fill In The Blanks Professional Sales Letter 

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